Thursday, December 20, 2007

We've recently had quite a few cockatiels surrendered to us, so if you've been thinking about adding one of these guys, now might be the time!

Cockatiels are often underrated as pets due to their smaller size. However, they can be very loving and fun companions!
If you think you might be interested in adding a cockatiel to your life, please fill out a Bird Wanted Questionnaire or stop by the Center during our open hours.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sorry for the long time since the last post. We've been very busy at the Center! We've had several very sad cases of neglect and abuse that have taken up much of our time.

But, on to happier thoughts! Here is Cuervo, a sun conure that is up for adoption. He's about 10 years old and very tame and friendly. As you can see, he is also gorgeous! Cuervo's owners surrendered him because they moved into a condo and could not have him. Sun conures have a very loud call! But, if you live in a single-family dwelling and are looking to add some brightness to your day, Cuervo just might be your guy!