Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ten budgies, some of whom are pictured here, were recently surrendered to us. They were owned by a single mother and her disabled adult son -- his pride and joy. They are absolutely gorgeous and obviously well-cared for.

Unfortunately, they are losing their home to foreclosure and were unable to keep these little jewels.

Though often overlooked, budgies can make great family pets! If you'd like to adopt one, please stop by to see if one may be a match for you!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Waiting List

CARE currently has a waiting list with 40 birds on it. 23 of those are budgies and tiels, which don't require much space, but the rest are cockatoos, amazons, and greys.

We have some really wonderful adoptable birds available right now. If you've been thinking about adding a new friend to your house, now might just be the time! When we adopt out some of the birds currently at our facility, that will open up space for the ones waiting to be surrendered.

For smaller birds, we have very nice cockatiels and lovebirds available, and a blue parrotlet.

For medium birds, we have very nice quakers and conures.

For large birds, we have very nice macaws, cockatoos, and amazons.

Many of the birds surrendered to us do not have severe behavioral problems. They were just unlucky enough to land with a family that either didn't understand what having a parrot was all about, or a family whose changing circumstances left them unable to care for their parrot. When given another chance in an understanding family, they can become fantastic companions!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Sasha & Kellie's new home

Sasha and Kellie, two of our resident aratinga conures that we've written about before, have a new cage. They were very happy to be moved into a new home with slightly larger floor space since that means room for more boxes! You can see them hanging out on the floor in this picture.

When the Center is closed, they like to hang out on the play gym on the left side of their cage. These guys are little clowns with a zest for life. Some of their favorite things to do include chewing up egg cartons, chewing up soda boxes, and playing peek-a-boo with volunteers.

Sasha actually has quite the vocabulary, though he usually talks only when no people are in the aviary. When people are around, he prefers to squawk!

As we've written before, when Sasha was surrendered to us, about 7 years ago now, he was in such bad shape that we didn't think he'd survive to see the end of the year. But he's surprised us all with his spirit! Vet care, proper diet, and perhaps most importantly, a friend, have improved his life immensely. He shows no signs of slowing down and brings joy to many visitors and volunteers.