Monday, December 29, 2008

Finches, finches everywhere!

Late last week, we had 35 zebra finches surrendered to us. Their previous owners started with a pair, and liked watching them breed and raise young. Predictably, the situation soon got out of control and these birds ceased receiving the care they require. One had a beak that had been so overgrown that it curled around itself -- we have no idea how he could eat.

This individual developed health problems and was told they couldn't return home from the hospital until all of the birds were out of their house.

In the few days these birds have been with us, they have already perked up and are looking better. They're hoping 2009 will be the year they find loving homes!

Obviously, we have separated the males and females. There is already a finch overpopulation problem, and this sad example shows how many young even one mixed-sex pair can create.

Here are the males:
And the females:If you'd like to adopt a same-sex pair of zebra finches, please stop by. These cheerful creatures with their incessant beeping can brighten up your day!