Monday, January 04, 2010

RIP, Fancy

Fancy is a grey-cheeked parakeet who had spent several years at CARE. She was not in the best shape when she arrived, but with good care, she thrived with us. She was a permanent resident as she needed very frequent beak trims in order to be able to eat.

A few months ago, she started acting lethargic. We weren't able to find any reason for this. We ended up moving her into a cage with two lineolated parakeets. Although they didn't interact much, just having this flock energized Fancy and she brightened considerably. Her last months were very happy.

Unfortunately, we had to have her euthanized last week. She started self-mutilation on her foot on Saturday and went downhill from there. She had an internal tumor that finally pressed on the nerve - very common in birds, unfortunately.

We had her cremated privately so that she can rest along with the rest of our dearly departeds. She is greatly missed, but we are trying to think of her at her happiest.