Monday, November 10, 2008

Retirement Home Needed!

We are desperately searching for a retirement home for this beautiful mitred conure, Peru.

She has a very sad story. She's wild-caught, which is always a traumatic experience for these wonderful creatures. Then, according to what we were told, she was owned for over 20 years by an alcoholic whose loved tormenting her. A relative was finally able to remove her from that abusive situation; however, they did not know how to properly care for her. She was never loved enough to even have been given a name. We named her. Finally, she was surrendered to us for a chance of happiness in her final years.

She came to us malnourished, bleeding from broken blood feathers, and terrified. We've got her completely vet checked, and she has a clean bill of health for a senior conure.

Peru needs a loving, caring home for whatever months or years she may have left. As you might imagine from her history, she is nowhere near hand-tame. However, within 3 hours of being surrendered to us, she was hanging from the side of her cage and saying, "hello" in an attempt to get attention.

We're looking for a home that will give her a great diet, tons of toys, and allow her to play on top of her cage. We're doing the best we can for her at the Center, but we think she'd really thrive with more one-on-one attention and a quieter environment.

If you have room in your home and your heart to give her a wonderful retirement, please stop by the Center to meet her!

EDIT: Peru is on medication that currently costs $40/month. She will need to be on this for the rest of her life, and potential adopters need to be aware of this expense. Please contact us with any questions.