Thursday, March 26, 2009

Martini & Mojito

Who's looking for twice the fun? Martini and Mojito are two orange wing amazons that were recently surrendered to us. They are adults and extremely bonded to each other so they're looking for a home with extra room and love to share!What's really nice about these two is that even though they are very bonded to each other, they still like to receive human attention. Aren't they just beautiful? I can spend a long time just staring at the different shades and nuances of green in their feathers.
Life is never dull with an amazon around, although they're certainly not the pet bird for everyone! If you want to meet these two, please stop by the Center.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lifesaving quaker

Here is a link to an article about a pet quaker saving a life. What a heartwarming story to read!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shadow update

Shadow, who was originally profiled here, had a very lucky March -- do you think he has a bit of Irish blood in him? A wonderful woman, a person he instantly liked, decided to take him home! He's now living the life -- she even has a job that allows her to bring him along.

He's really blossomed under her care, spouting off words we'd never heard him say at the Center. What a year he's had so far -- cured of the yeast infection that caused him so much itchiness and discomfort he plucked out his own feathers -- and now a wonderful home!

We have many, many parrots at our facility that are hoping to get as lucky as Shadow. Please stop by if you're considering adding another bird to your home and we can help you find the right companion for you.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Alumni story

We received the following in an e-mail, and the author gave us permission to put this story on the blog. Paco is an African Ringneck Parakeet that was adopted from CARE and Punkin is a Peach-faced Lovebird.

Just wanted to tell you that I purchased a 3-4" ball from CARE last night along with food for the birds at home. The ball was for Paco because of its size. I got it home and showed it to him and he was completely terrified of it and climbed to the back of his cage and literally yelled at me.

So time to employ Plan B.

Punkin's cage is in the other room and she can see pretty much the length of our house. I threw the ball on the floor and sort of played soccer with it all the way to her cage. She was completely overwhelmed by the time I got within 5 feet of her cage. I picked up the ball and let her look at it, then dropped it in her cage. She spent the next hour just squealing and chirping and pushing that ball around like we have never seen her do before. It just made us laugh. It was the best $3 I have ever spent!!!

PS: I know that once Paco sees that Punkin has so much fun with it he'll want one just like it.

As we've stated before, we love hearing stories about how well birds that have come through CARE are faring! Many of our former residents come back for grooming and/or boarding, and it's always fun to see a familiar face again!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Peru update

Sadly, we have an update on little Peru. A volunteer found her dead this morning in her cage.

She came to us from a home that saved her after years of being severely neglected. Here is a bit more of her history, posted shortly after she was surrendered to us. She was at least 25 years old, wild-caught, and extremely plucked. We had her vetted right away and she had some kidney and liver issues. We treated her for a month and then found out she had kidney disease. We had been treating her ever since, changing her diet and medicating her on a daily basis.

We had hopes that she would find a permanent home for her retirement years, but that was not to be. At least we know that she got the best care we could give her for her last months she spent with us and, of course, here she was loved.