Thursday, January 31, 2013

We Will Be Closed On Saturday

We will be closed this Saturday, February 2nd.  We will be attending the Great Lakes Pet Expo.  It is being held at Wisconsin State Fair Park from 10-5.  Admission for Adults is $5 with a canned food donation and children under 12 are free!  CARE will be at Quad 13.  Please stop by and say hi.  Joey, Ruthie and Daisy Mae will be joining us for the day.  We'll have lots of toys available for sale.  We have a prize wheel and will be giving a talk on the side stage (time to be determined).  This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and we hope to see lots of our friends there.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today at 262-628-3719. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Saturday at CARE

We had two special needs birds go home on Saturday.  Guido, who is a female White-Capped Pionus with a badly broken tail which healed kind of sideways, went to her new home as an only bird (which she will love), and Hawkeye, our senior female Red-Lored Amazon with extremely bad feet, went home with an awesome woman with large bird experience.  Hawkeye needs to be on pain meds for the rest of her life and her new owner is fine with that.  It is always nice to see the birds go home, but it is especially heartwarming when our special needs birds go home.  Good luck to Guido and Hawkeye and their new families.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday at CARE

Today we had three budgies, a not tame cage pet cockatiel and Kyle the green cheek conure go home.  It was pretty busy there for awhile.  We also did some grooming and got a cage ready to go home for Zeus, who is going into foster care on Saturday.  Zeus is a U2 and came to us from a sister shelter.  He was dumped there with a very bad skin infection.  That has now resolved and he is ready to start learning that people are good and that he is loved.  Ruthie, our Ruby macaw, got a clean bill of health so can now be adopted.  We are gearing up for a busy Saturday - hopefully we'll see you then.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday at CARE

Kyle, the green cheek conure, has an adoption pending and is going home on Thursday with one of our regular customers and previous adopters.  Taj the Indian Ringneck Parakeet was surrendered to us today.  She needs work on "step up" but looks to be a pretty nice little girl.  Took Zeus the U2 in for his recheck and his skin infection is all healed.  Tomorrow we'll find out if his bloodwork is normal.  Ruthie, the Ruby Macaw, also went for her wellness exam - if her bloodwork is normal, she will be available for adoption right away.  We'll know for sure tomorrow.  Stay warm and have a great evening.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Update

Today was a typical Saturday here at CARE.  We had four adoptions - 2 budgies, Pickles the Senegal and Gucci the Sun Conure.  One of the unique things about Gucci is he loves guitar music and we were told he loves to sit on a guitar while it's being played.  Both of his new owners play guitar - how cool is that!  We had no surrenders.  Jackson braved the elements today and pressure washed cages all day long.  He was my hero today.  Derek came in and did handyman stuff and we got lots of those little irritating jobs done.  Bet we'll all be in bed early tonight!  Have a great Sunday and we'll talk to you again on Monday.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Durante FINALLY Goes Home!!!

Today was a very special day. Durante, our greenwing macaw, who has been with us for over a year, finally went to her new home today. A year is way too long to be living in a shelter. She is going to be sooo loved. These are macaw experienced people who intend on making her their new child. She is a great bird and deserves the best.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4 New Budgies and More

I met Kathy from HAPPE Parrots yesterday and brought back four beautiful little budgies - two males and two females.  They all look to be in good health and will be up for adoption soon. 

For those of you who watch our Facebook page, we have a new admin coming on starting Saturday.  She is very experienced in FB design and I can't wait for her to take over the page.  I will continue to do the blog, so this will be nice, we'll have two different avenues of getting info out to you.  Stayed tuned for more.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Saturday Update

I was out of town this weekend, but this is what I know: Finley the Quaker, Nicky the Quaker and Mikey the Canary-Winged Parakeet all went to their new homes today. Guido the White-Capped Pionus was surrendered. He needs to see the vet, then we'll get him up for adoption.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Great Lakes Pet Expo 2013

The Great Lakes Pet Expo is happening on Saturday, February 2, at the Expo building at State Fair Park.  This is a huge event for the rescues/shelters in Wisconsin.  You will find everything pet-related at this event.  We will be at Quad 13 - we'll be sharing it again with Wisconsin Chihuahua Rescue.  It is open from 10-5.  Kids under 12 are free and adults are $5 with canned food donation.  We will be showcasing a few birds as well as selling our toys, etc.  I am hoping to see a lot of friendly and familiar faces there. 

Tuesday at CARE

Tuesdays are usually pretty quiet around here, but not today.  Pam came in to feed, Joni came in to help reorganize the back room and we had three adoptions, plus one adoption pending.  We had a sweet male tiel, Lucky the female green cheek conure and Jimi the female canary-winged parakeet all go home today, plus Finley the Quaker Parakeet has an adoption pending and will go home on Saturday.  Pretty great Tuesday for the birds and CARE.

Ringo and Angel

We love Happy Endings!! This from one of our recent adopters:
Hello there!
My daughter and I adopted a cockatiel with no name (now Angel), and Harry the Dove (now Ringo) last Thursday. They are doing very well. Angel steps up right out of her cage with no problem, and her absolute favorite place to be is my right shoulder.  She will preen herself, and fall right asleep there. She is just awesome. Ringo is becoming more comfortable, as he started cooing again yesterday. We are still working on him coming out of his cage, but once he is out he will sit as long as we are sitting still. Once we move, he gets nervous. So we will just continue working with him. He is such a sweetheart.
I did get Angel her own toys instead of using the ones from Ringo's cage, and both seem happy with it. I will be upgrading Angel to a new (bigger) cage within a month or so.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Thursday Adoptions

Kind of a busy day today.  Harry the Ringneck Dove and one of our tame female tiels went home today to the same family.  They will have a little girl to play with and love.  I really love it when the doves go home with well-behaved children.  They can be such good pets.  Stay warm everyone - we'll be back open again on Saturday.