Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Sebastian pictures

We introduced you to Sebastian here. Not that long ago, but in the ensuing weeks, we've been getting to know him. What a charmer!
He can be a bit cage-aggressive at times, though this is to be expected as he is not used to coming out of his cage. We are working with him on this and already making progress!

Sebastian can be strong-willed at times and would benefit from an experienced macaw home. He loves to dance and entertains us with his antics.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet Elvis

Elvis is an approximately 13 year old green cheek conure. We originally adopted him out about 10 years ago, but he was recently returned to us.
Elvis is very sweet, but can be cage aggressive. His owners, who did not have kids when they adopted him, ended up having children who were curious about Elvis and kept putting their hands in his cage, risking a bite.

His owners realized that he no longer fit into their lifestyle, so they surrendered him in order for him to find a better situation.

Elvis does not do well with young children, but would be fine in a home with older children or adults.

Please stop by if you'd like to meet him!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alumni story: Tango & Ellie

It's been three months since our last update on Tango -- he's still doing extremely well! Look at him -- does it get any cuter than this?

Tango's owner was so pleased with how everything was going that they were considering adding another bird to their house.

What perfect timing as CARE had a parrot that desperately needed to go into a foster home -- a Congo African Grey, Ellie. While most parrots do very well at the Center, there are some that don't do as well. They have trouble adapting to the relative chaos after having lived in a private home. In those cases, we work to place the bird in a foster home.

Though a grey hadn't been what they were thinking about, Tango's owner agreed to foster Ellie, and things have gone even better than expected!

Here are the two of them, hanging out:
With the nicer weather, they have been going outside to get some natural sunlight. It's important to remember to always have your parrot properly restrained when they are outside -- in a cage, (like here), carrier, or harness. Even if their wings are clipped, they can be gone in an instant, never to be seen again.

Tango has a big attraction to greys. He doesn't physically interact with them, but he loves to talk to them and they perk up his spirits. When he was at the Center, whenever he'd see a grey, he'd get excited and start saying "hello!" Interestingly enough, he did this with every grey, and with no other species of parrot!

Ellie went to her foster home, and the magic happened. As Tango's owner wrote, "Tango likes Ellie. And Ellie likes me."

Sometimes when a new bird is added to the house, the old bird can act jealous of the interloper. In this case, Tango welcomed a new friend and both birds quickly adapted to the new routine.

A big thank you to Tango's owner for giving Tango and Ellie such fantastic lives. What a fabulous success story!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Roy

Meet Roy, an approximately 17 year old Mexican Red Headed Amazon. Roy is an incredibly sweet parrot. He loves to come out of his cage and interact with people. Like many amazons, he loves to be the center of attention!
Roy is occasionally quite loud, so he wouldn't do well in an apartment or shared-wall dwelling. Most of his vocalizations have been softer, more pleasant sounds, but he occasionally will surprise us with a burst of noise!

Roy is hoping to go to his new home soon; if you think that might be you, please stop by!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Skye

Meet Skye, an approximately one year old Congo African Grey Parrot. She still has (slight) baby eyes; she's so young.
Skye was purchased as a very young chick and then owned for about 9 months by a family. They are no longer able to keep her due to financial reasons.

Skye is a huge toy player -- she loves to explore and chip up wood. She is very inquisitive and will go to the front of the cage to greet people. At this point, she is a bit cage-aggressive and can be a bit nippy, but in the right home with gentle guidance and love, she will work through this stage of development.

As always, please stop by if you'd like to meet her.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet Jilly

Meet Jilly, a gorgeous, tame budgie.

Jilly was a stray who was found and turned in to Animal Control. After unsuccessfully trying to locate her owners, she was transferred to us.
She is a bit skittish, but tame. As she gets to know her new owners, she will calm down and be a delight.

Since she was a stray, we don't know anything about her history. We don't even know her name. We'd really like to get her into a home as soon as possible, so if you've been waiting for a tame budgie, stop by to meet her!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Meet Sebastian

Meet Sebastian, a charming greenwing macaw. We don't know very much about Sebastian's past. His former owners didn't know much about him, either. They told us they were surrendering a scarlet macaw, so imagine our surprise when we met him when he was a greenwing! He also was in a cage that was way too small (more appropriate for a grey), filthy, and with no toys. His beak was overgrown by an inch and he hadn't been out of his cage in years.

It was Sebastian's first lucky day when he got surrendered to the Center; it will be his second lucky day when he finds the right home!We know his previous owners had him about 7 years. That could make him 8, or it could make him 40. We suspect he's closer to the younger end of the spectrum.

We're still getting to know him, but what we've found so far is delightful.

Isn't he a gorgeous bird?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


That's the number of birds on our waiting list to be surrendered. Greys, amazons, macaws, conures, etc. Some have been on the list for months.

If you've been thinking about adding a bird to your home, there has never been a better time. We have some incredibly sweet birds right now who lost their homes through no fault of their own -- their owners were just no longer able to care for them.

We can't take in any more birds until we adopt some more out. Even rescue centers need to know our limits and only take in the number of birds that we are able to properly care for.

So, if you've been thinking about adopting a parrot, please contact us. We can help you find the right bird for you. We'll keep featuring birds here and on our petfinder site.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Meet Peewee

Peewee is an approximately 5-7 year old sun conure. She lived with Nico, and also was surrendered when her owner's health took a sudden turn for the worse and she was no longer able to care for her birds.
Peewee is tame and loves to be around people, though she can be a bit cage-aggressive at times.

Like Nico, she was on a junk food diet. We are working to convert her to pellets, vegetables, and other healthy food.Please stop by if you'd like to meet her!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Sammy is a gorgeous male canary who was rehomed because he was too loud. Dealing with toos, macaws, and other large, loud birds, we've heard this excuse before when people surrender their birds...but for a canary? This was a first!Just as with Nico, Sammy's luck changed. A family drove over 7 hours -- each way -- to add this little singer to their lives. They bought him a huge flight cage, tons of toys, and now he can sing to his heart's content, and to an appreciative audience.